Express PBN

The Best PBN sharing Application Available Online


Manage your personal Network
Increase your own Network size at minimal cost
No Plugin required, which means no footprints!
Easy to use dashboard and posting WYSIWYG
Scheduled Posting for large campaigns
MIndex checking
Moz stats / Majestic stats
Niche relevant PBN links on the fly!

Easily Post to your Domains in one place with no plugin!

You can post articles in bulk or schedule your articles to be posted to your domains over a period of time if you wish, you are able to manage all your backlinks easily within your back link manager area, you can also share them on popular social media platforms with a click of a button, our article management system allows you to integrate popular article generating tools for that instant content you may need on the fly.

  • Easy to post/import articles
  • Manage your backlinks / posts
  • Edit/Delete your articles
  • Amplify your own network size by sharing some of your own domains
  • Share your posts via social media with a click of a button

Why you need Express PBN?

Search engines are becoming harder to manipulate, many SEOs in this day and age build their own private blog network in order to rank for their clients keywords or even their own projects, this is a very good way of SEO and good practice, giving you ultimately full control of your back links the only thing is that it may be quite a lot of effort to manage and also may cost a lot in expenses,

Express PBNs eliminates those downfalls by firstly providing a PBN manager system, so you’re able to control and manage your own personal network and secondly increase your own network or “pool” of sites by allowing you to post to additional PBN domains at a fraction of the cost/effort of building your own!

Increase your ranking capabilities
Unlimited private PBN manager (Lets you control your own network privately)
Long lasting, quality self-hosted relevant PBN links when you need them!
Posting to domains directly from your dashboard
Amplify your own network size by sharing some of your own domains
Increase your ranking capabilities